Bring In The New Year With Relaxation

Does winter make you want to curl up and enjoy a good book? Think about creating a cozy place in your home to read, whether you have an entire room to devote or just a small nook or bay window.

A home library is different than a home office because it’s a place for enjoyment and relaxation, while you may need to actually work in a home office. A home library is a retreat from the stresses of your life and your home. You can quietly read a book while sipping a glass of port or a warm cup of tea.

Key to a home library is a comfortable place to sit and put up your feet. And good lighting is critical. Purchase a lamp that provides enough light to read small print comfortably and position it over your shoulder.

Creating a cozy place to read in your home will give you hours of quiet pleasure while you’re improving your mind!


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