Shopping for Carpet – Picking the Right Carpet Fiber

If you are in the process of shopping for new carpet for your home I am sure you’ve come to realize how many options are now available. These options are fantastic because so many needs will be met. At Bretz Interiors, we know the process can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming and we are here to help you with that! Here are a few carpet fiber facts to help ease the process of choosing a carpet that is right for you and your home!

Nylon, Polyester, Smartstrand- Which is best?

Nylon carpet fiber has long been the leader in the carpet world. Recently, though, we have seen polyester fiber making strong marks and the innovative Smartstrand fiber has been holding it’s own as well.

Shaw Carpet

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Nylon carpet is known for it’s wear factor. A good nylon carpet, if maintained properly, can have an average lifetime between 8 and 15 years. In the past nylon carpets were easy to stain and hard to clean, so even though it would wear well, it would also wear noticeably if stained. These days DuPont nylon is a stain resistant fiber that will repel most dye stains if treated in a reasonable time and does clean well.  This fiber has an acid dye blocker that it does not allow acid dyes to penetrate and stain the fiber. Nylon carpet is a great investment especially if you plan to be in your home for a number of years to come.

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Polyester is seeing better days now that the fiber is more resilient. Polyester fibers do not absorb water based spills, aren’t affected by urine or kool-aid, but will absorb oil based spills.  Polyester fiber is also non allergenic and mildew resistant.  The average life expectancy of a well-maintained polyester is 6-13 years. Polyester carpet is often less expensive than nylon carpet. This carpet is great for starter homes, if you are on a tighter budget, or if you have young children. Polyester is also a good option for rental units.

Mohawk Carpet in the Living Room

Visit our Lakewood, CO showroom to look at our SmartStrand selection!

 Most have heard about nylon and polyester but you may not have heard about SmartStrand yet. SmartStrand carpet is made with DuPont Sorona renew-ably sourced polymer, which is made in part from corn. SmartStrand has a built-in stain and soil resistance that will not wear or wash off. This fiber is soft but resilient and cleans well. It is a newer fiber but the expected lifetime of SmartStrand carpet if well maintained is 7-14 years. SmartStrand will be a great option for starter homes or forever homes and is a great option for homes with pets or kids.

All three of these carpet fibers have a place in the carpet world and all three will perform well if you educate yourself about the required maintance. Most carpets have Lifetime Warranties these days, but it is important to read through those warranties as most will require specific maintance for each carpet type.

Because we know how important it is look at flooring options in person, our Lakewood, CO showroom has several options of each fiber available for you to look at and feel. We are here to assist you in picking out the best flooring for your home and for your family! We are just a quick trip from anywhere in the Denver Metro Area, so stop by today to find out which carpet fiber is right for your home or give us a call to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation!

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