Find the Right Privacy Level

Parkland® Wood Blinds in Sunroom
Parkland® Wood Blinds in Sunroom

Choosing window treatments is more than just finding something that fits the space. It’s about finding a product that meets functional needs, including light control, aesthetics, and privacy levels. If you’re concerned about how to achieve the right level of privacy at your window, speak with at trained Bretz Interiors consultant here in Lakewood, Colorado. We’ll be happy to show you the window fashions that will do what you need them to do.

Start With the Right Questions

Find the Right Opacity Level

To determine the right level of privacy, first start by understanding the answers to the following questions:

  • What room or rooms are you planning to hang your window treatments? (Does it face a busy street? Is it a bedroom or an entertainment room?)
  • Where do you live? (Are you in a secluded area or a high-rise community?)
  • Why are you covering your windows? (Are you trying to block light or simply filter it? Are you trying to add insulation at the window?)
  • When the treatment is closed, do you want to maintain your view, filter light, or achieve total blackout?

Options for Privacy

Depending where you live and what direction the windows face, semi-opaque honeycomb shades or woven woods may just be what you are looking for. They help maintain light levels while ensuring that people can’t see in, such as at the front of a house. Wood blinds or screen shades may be a great option for the back of the house where view is more important but you also want to control the amount of light coming in. If you want total privacy, there is no better window treatment on the market today than honeycomb blackout shades, which block out 100% of the sun. Woven wood shades or Roman shades with a fabric liner would be another good option. If you want to tilt open, consider wood blinds with de-Light™ feature, which eliminates the rout holes, or custom shutters.

Find the Right Privacy Level in Denver CO

Bretz Interiors is a family owned business located in Lakewood and serving the greater Denver area. In operation since 1959, we focus on delivering high quality products and exceptional service to every client.

Our showroom has a wide variety of displays and our sales team is happy to assist you with any questions you may have! We serve residents and businesses in the Denver area including Arvada, Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, Golden, Westminster, Littleton, Morrison, and neighborhood of Applewood, CO.

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