Beautiful Treatments for Sliders and Wide Expanses of Glass

Luminette® Privacy Sheers

Are you puzzling over how to treat your slider or wall of windows? Have you considered looking to Hunter Douglas for your window fashion solution? At Bretz Interiors serving the greater Denver area, we carry the full line of Hunter Douglas products, including those that will work for large expanses of glass. One great option is Luminette® Privacy Sheers. Read on to learn more, and to see this beauty in person, speak with one of our representatives today!

About Luminette® Privacy Sheers

For a room in which you need very little privacy yet wish to maximize the available natural light, choose sheer fabrics. Luminette Privacy Sheers are a great option if you like the look of draperies, but want the functionality of a blind. Unlike sheer drapes, which had been the mainstay of window fashions for years, Luminette® Privacy Sheers provide the added benefit of soft fabric vanes that rotate to keep light out.

Features and Benefits

You can already achieve beautiful view-through with Luminette, and to get a little more privacy, you only have to rotate the vanes, which can provide 180° of light control and are available in both translucent and room-darkening options. With the vanes are opened, the sheer fabric provides your floor and furnishings with protection from harmful UV rays. The vanes come in two different sizes, Classic or the larger Quintette, which gives you greater view-through. Luminette® Privacy Sheers also include a beautiful 6″ header that completes the uniform column look of this product.


For a clean, casual look, hang sheers so that they just kiss the floor. The size of the room and the height of the windows will suggest the appropriate mounting for your privacy sheers. To create the illusion of added height, Luminette® Privacy Sheers may be hung well above the window frame.


Innovation drives Hunter Douglas by thinking of new ways to solve challenges through creating new and proprietary window coverings. Our Hunter Douglas window products add unique luxury and style to any room while also providing advanced solutions to everyday needs, such as managing light, insulating the window, child safety, sound absorption, motorization technology, and much more.

Finding Luminette®Privacy Sheers in Lakewood CO

Bretz Interiors is a family owned business located in Lakewood and serving the greater Denver area. In operation since 1959, we focus on delivering high quality products and exceptional service to every client. Our showroom has a wide variety of displays and our sales team is happy to assist you with any questions you may have!


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