Treating Windows in a Large Room

Alustra® Duette® Honeycomb Shades with Vertiglide™ in the Dining Room
Alustra® Duette® Honeycomb Shades with Vertiglide™ in the Dining Room

For many years now, the trend in home design has been toward “open concept” living—with larger spaces that encompass several “rooms” but without walls. These larger spaces can be great for flow in a home as well as for line of sight and aesthetics; however, it can be tough to decorate these rooms because of their vastness. Part of decorating is finding the right window treatments, and that’s where Bretz Interiors here in Lakewood comes in. We’ll help you determine what’s best for your situation, whether you’re treating one window or all the windows in your home. Read on for some ideas for your large room!

Tall Ceilings

Many open rooms have vaulted ceilings, which can make a space feel too vast. Using dark fabrics on window treatments will alter the room’s lighting in a room to create a cozier environment. You might also want to add some privacy or even more room-darkening (especially if you watch TV or use a computer in the space); consider adding a liner to the back of the treatment to create that darker zone. For great fabric options, be sure to check out the Hunter Douglas Design Studio™.

Large Windows

Many larger rooms also have very large windows, which bring in lots of natural light. If this is a feature you want to complement, you might want to use warm colors for your window treatments. Look at materials that are beige, brown, or gray—also consider natural wood (like wood shutters or woven wood blinds) to enhance your natural light.

Help Save on Energy Bills

Large windows not only bring in lots of light (which brings with it lots of heat); they also have vast expanses of glass through which indoor air can escape and outdoor air can enter. Honeycomb shades like Duette® Honeycomb Shades can help insulate the window, providing protection from that excessive heat from the sun and helping keep the indoor air temperature the way you want it. These shades are designed with honeycomb construction, which traps the air in its pockets to help with insulation. Plus, with the Vertiglide™ mounting system, the honeycomb fabric can be flipped for vertical orientation, giving you even more flexibility in covering your windows, even if you have a mix of types.

Window Treatments From Hunter Douglas

As your local Hunter Douglas dealer, we will work with you to identify your requirements and specify the proper custom solution. We will find the balance you need to achieve the look, privacy, daylighting, energy efficiency, and glare reduction that your home needs.

Finding Window Treatments for Large Rooms in Lakewood, Denver CO Areas

Bretz Interiors is a family-owned business located in Lakewood and serving the greater Denver area. In operation since 1959, we focus on delivering high quality products and exceptional service to every client. Our showroom has a wide variety of displays and our sales team is happy to assist you with any questions you may have! Contact us today for a design consultation.


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