Hunter Douglas Silhouettes

I love living in Colorado.  We have the beautiful mountains, the wide open plains, and great city life that give us a long list of activities that you can do, no matter what the weather is like.

Many homes here in Colorado are built to show the beautiful views, whatever the landscape is. Builders often spend a lot of time focusing on creating these beautiful big windows that allow breathtaking views. So when it comes time to find window coverings that will work, many home owners are befuddled. Do you keep the windows uncovered and keep that great view while risking privacy? Or do you cover the view and keep the privacy of your home in tact?
Why not have both privacy AND a great view? All while keeping your energy efficiency level up pretty dang high!

Hunter Douglas has a great product called “Silhouette” which allows great see-through, a vane tilting option that allows privacy, and the two layers of sheer fabric also provide 88% ultraviolet protection (Up to 99% when the vanes are closed completely!).

Silhouette has a S-Vane that is suspended between two sheers which diffuses softened light deep into the room. The vanes can be tilted and closed to provide privacy. Silhouettes are great whether you have a view to die for or you just want something that will help you keep track of kids playing outside all while keeping the UV damage to your furniture or flooring at bay.

So when you are looking for privacy, view through, great light, and UV protection, make sure you check out Hunter Douglas Silhouettes! From now until September 11th Hunter Douglas is having a great rebate promotion as well!
Save $100 on 2 Silhouette window shadings plus $50 off each additional unit!
 Let us help you explore the possibilities with a complimentary in home consultation!
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