Alternative Flooring Choices to Hardwood Flooring

Carpet has always been the go-to in the flooring industry for residential homes but more and more our clients are looking into hard surface options and most of those people immediately think of hardwood. Hardwood is a long lasting alternative to carpet but isn’t always the best option for homes, especially homes with animals or small children. Hardwood floors can be easy to scratch and can gap if the humidity in your home fluctuates regularly. Hardwood can also be on the high end of the flooring price scale for a quality product. So what are the flooring alternatives in Colorado?

We love modern vinyl! Many companies such as Armstrong, Earth Werks, Karndean, and Flexitec have put out beautiful vinyl floor options that are made to look like real wood, stone, or ceramic tile, thanks to greatly improved digital photography. Vinyl is a resilient product that is perfect for a home with small children or animals because it doesn’t scratch as easily, cleaning up spills is much easier and the risk of damage from moisture is significantly decreased.

Ceramic Tile is also a great alternative to carpet and hardwood. However, we suggest to sticking to tile in entry ways, kitchens and bathrooms, otherwise you may find yourself to be cold even in the summer months! Tile tends to be a chilly flooring alternative and you may find yourself needing to pair it with a rug to bring some warmth back into the room. It is also a good idea to keep replacement tiles on hand!


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