Professional Installation Verses DIY

Professional Measuring and Installation at Bretz Interiors
Professional Measuring and Installation at Bretz Interiors

Some people think they can save money on their window treatments by doing DIY installation. However, customized window treatments can quickly lose their good looks and functionality if they aren’t professionally installed. At Bretz Interiors serving the greater Denver area, we’re proud to have professional installers ready to put your custom Hunter Douglas treatments in your windows. Talk to one of our trained consultants about how it will work for you.

Benefits of Professional Installation:

Your professional installer will artfully measure and inspect your window frames to understand how best to hang your treatments. For proper fit and function of your purchase, this professional will take a number of things into consideration:

  • Whether the frames are squared
  • Whether there is enough mounting depth for your product to be installed inside the frame or whether it should be installed outside
  • Whether the woodwork around the windows will impede functionality of your treatment
  • How the sill will impact how your product ultimately fits
  • Whether any hardware such as window cranks might interfere with the operation of your treatment
  • Whether to recommend a cordless operating system for safety, convenience, or aesthetics
  • How furniture placement dictates where controls should be
  • How a potential gap between the shade and frame might play a role in light control

Anything less than a perfect fit means less than perfect performance and appearance. So don’t hesitate to spend a little extra money on the professionals—it will be money well spent. Contact Bretz Interiors for more information on our professional measuring and installation services. Our installers are certified in the newest window treatment techniques and motorization options, so you know you’ll get the very best results.

Professional Window Treatment Installation in Denver CO

Bretz Interiors is a family owned business located in Lakewood and serving the greater Denver area. In operation since 1959, we focus on delivering high quality products and exceptional service to every client. Our showroom has a wide variety of displays and our sales team is happy to assist you with any questions you may have!

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